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Inlaid Victorian Writing/Letter Box - Beautiful Item

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Lovely example of Victorian writing or letter box - it is well worn and has seen some very minor repairs during it’s lifetime.

Most notable the lock and key mechanism have been removed and repaired to hide their existence. Although the Keyhole and brass plate are still intact on the outside (see pictures.) 

It measures approx. 30cm tall x 20cm x 20cm 

Any other minor repairs during it’s lifetime have been carried out professionally and sympathetically 

Otherwise it is in fair condition. The hinges are intact although the lid sometimes closes a couple of millimetres off square caused by a couple of very very slightly loose pins/nails in the hinge plate. Easy to fix. 

Despite any flaws this is still a lovely object reflecting a time when letter writing was a part of daily life for those with the money and means.

Shipping to a UK destination will be £7.95 by courier due to the weight. 

Overseas customers please enquire before purchasing.

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