Penny Farthing Bicycle Made Of A 1901 Penny & A 1937 Farthing

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This a totally unique piece of coin and metal work using a Penny (1901) and a Farthing (1937) to make a Penny Farthing bicycle. The body/frame is made of copper wire - the pedal even turns the wheel !

It comes with a simple/crude but effective perspex stand for displaying the item.

It measures approx. 5cm tall and 5cm front to back.

We have no idea when this was made or by whom. But we have never seen anything like it before and suspect that you won;t see many like it again !

We have never seen anything like this - but we picked up a large collection of similar Coin Ornaments (check out our other items for sale in this category).

Shipping will be by Royal Mail - 2nd class - £3.00
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