Set Of 5 Victorian Silhouette Frames (With Mismatched Pictures)

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This is a set of FIVE Victorian Silhouette frames.

They are NOT all identical in size - one set is a PAIR, the others are mismatched.

The images in side all appear to be mismatched and not from the same era. The oldest picture by far is the one with the gentleman’s silhouette (pictured on its own) - all th others seem to have been crudely cut and added in later.

This is still a charming set of antique frames and would make a lovely set of ‘modern’ Phil to frames for a family - our just use them as a haunting and atmospheric piece of decor.

The frames all measure a similar size : approx. 11cm x 14cm

Postage to a UK address will be by Royal Mail 2nd class post, tracked: £5.30

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